Free Flow Project in Lithuania 2018

3: Free Flow Project: the Showcase Accompanied by the Presentation

at Kaunas Artists’ House/ Lithuania

on May 25 2018/7 PM

2: Free Flow Project: the Presentation at the seminar “Self-Awareness and Disruptive Innovation.”  – Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation

at Panorama Hotel’s conference room/ Vilnius/Lithuania

on May 11 2018/10 AM

1: Free Flow workshop

at Kaunas Artists’ House

from May 2 to May 4



Final Presentations in Seoul & Jeongeup / Korea in June 2017

Free Flow Project : Final Presentations

1] Seoul Dance Center on 18th June Sunday 18:00

2] Jeongeup Si-am Art Community Center on 17th June Saturday 18:00


Presentation about Free Flow Project

at Project Space Yong-Moon’s Symposium on Urban Restoration

on 19th June at 21:00

supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture & the Watermelon


The Presentation on June 7th 2017 in the Resarch Institute of Won Buddhist Thought in Korea

The Subject of the Presentation on June 7th, 2017

In the Colloquium of the Research Institute of Won Buddhist Thought

In Won-Gwang University in Korea

Restoring the Inherent Creativity Rooted in the Human Body&

The New Role of Art Education in the Public Sphere

By Wooguru 

  1. What is the Human Body?
  2. How Creativity defines the Human Being
  3. Individuality and the body
  4. The demise of Labor and the Future of Art
  5. The New Art Education toward Freedom and Spontaneity


원불교 사상연구원 Colloquium: 근대 문화 수용 과정에서 나타난 한국 종교의 공공성 재 구축

2017년 6월 7일 | 발제자 Wooguru

: 인체의 고유한 흐름 복원을 통한 창의력 고양과 예술 교육의 공공성 재고

  1. 인체는 어떻게 정의되는가?
  2. 창의력은 어떻게 인간의 존재를 규정하는가?
  3. 개인성과 몸
  4. 노동의 종말과 예술의 미래
  5. 자유와 자율성을 향한 새로운 예술 교육