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: Analyzing the movements of ballet-technique-based dancers for developing the personalized training program to enhance what is neglected in traditional ballet training

: Understanding the following objectives

  1. The mechanics of the rotational movements of the pelvis and its effect on contralateral movements 
  2. The sequence of relaxing movements, initiated by exhalation, in the following order: the diaphragmatic relaxation – expiration – the pelvic floor muscle groups – the lower body – the upper body  
  3. Utilizing flexion of the lumbar spine, induced by exhalation 
  4. The mechanics of turnout feet: the compensation for the insufficient amount of rotational movements of the torso which isometrically holds tension while dancing in a manner that inhibits the natural undulation of the abdomen 
  5. Enhancing the forward-leaning posture to activating forefoot movements and the posterior chain, and to addressing postural issues
  6. Restoring the natural arm swing and forward propulsion
  7. How to make the body responsive to respiratory regulation: postural factors to be understood and improved for enhancing the kinesthetic connection throughout the entire body
  1. IMG_6121-c-horz-turner--.jpgIMG_6128-c-horz-turner.jpg
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