Joint Workshop: Rhythmic Meditation in collaboration with an environmental activist/ writer Hwang, Daekwon at the BAU Institute in S.Korea on Nov. 1~3 2019

Meditation can be explained as the act of restoring the organic wholeness of the human body and the optimal balance within itself. Breathing techniques for reaching the state of being relaxed are the essential set of movements that most of the meditation practices emphasize and develop in various ways. In specific, one respiration comprises one inspiration and one expiration, which causes tension and relaxation, respectively. That is a continuous series of actions, led by abdominal muscles, where all types of physical movements derive.
The workshop named “Rhythmic Meditation” focuses on the respiratory rhythm of the individual body, which is to initiate and regulate its spontaneous movements, for attaining the holistically balanced state within itself. Biomechanical understanding of the body and its actions is used for promoting freedom of movement through the following courses: (1)Movement workshops, (2)Lectures combined with Dance Performance, (3)Rhythmic Meditation with live music.


1. How breathing regulates the body and its movements: understanding the fundamentals of biomechanics (Lecture combined with a dance performance) by Wooguru Kw

2. Movement workshop: Breathing and locomotion (rhythmic patterned movements)

3. The human body and natural environments: Lecture by Hwang, Daekwon

4. Rhythmic Meditation #1: Understanding meditation effects from the repetition of simple moves from the biomechanical viewpoint

5. Rhythmic Meditation #2: Freedom of Movement


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