The Aesthetics of Volitional Movements and its creation process at the BAU Institute in S.Korea, 2019

The AESTHETICS OF VOLITIONAL MOVEMENTS: the duet version of <FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality> performed with Nelly Hakkarainen at Gwangju Fringe Festival in July 2019, created at the BAU Institute in S.Korea from June to July 2019

Nelly Hakkarainen-Wooguru Kw-Gwangju-fringe-2019-promotion photo

Brief Description: The dance piece that depicts two individuals with contrasting movement qualities, moving freely in a harmonious and respectful manner that builds a creative community for both of them


The passage leading to the BAU Institute where is a new research base for ecologically sustainable practices, located in Younggwang, Jeollanamdo, S.Korea

Nelly Hakkarainen at the BAU Institute in S.Korea, June 2019(1)Respiration: Inspiration (expansion for energy production) & Expiration (compression/ relaxation for the expulsion of the by-products of carbon oxidation)
(2)How respiration regulates and initiates all types of the physical movements of the body
(3)Respiration: the origin of the rhythmicality of human movement
(4)The uniqueness of the individual body: the physical characteristics and the peculiarities within itself, in which to generate personal requirements physiologically and psychologically
(5)The restoration of the inherent respiratory flow of the individual body for promoting freedom of movement
(6)Dance as the most explicit form of artistic expression toward the total freedom of the individual body

Nelly Hakkarainen- Wooguru Kw at Gwangju Fringe Festival 2019






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