FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality at Tanssille in Helsinki on April 18, 2019


<FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality> is a new contemporary dance technique focused on biomechanics for the attainment of the total freedom of the individual body and its integrity. The technical emphasis is on the basis of jumping techniques used for facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the following subjects: the postural neutrality to foster the natural respiratory flow of one’s body, the releasing techniques to improve the forefoot movements as the base of support, the explosive techniques initiated by the abdominal breathing, and the landing mechanism to convert impact force into the kinetic energy for subsequent moves.

Wooguru Kw is a choreographer and a movement analyst. Free Flow: physicality toward musicality is an educational method developed from and named after his authentic style, which has been presented and conducted in the symposium of the German Association for Dance Science 2018, Seoul Dance Center 2016-2017, and the Free Flow Education Project connecting the Baltics to South Korea 2015-2018. His dance works have been invited from Tanztage Berlin 2014, Moving Poets Festival Berlin(DE) – Charlotte(US) 2013-2015, Urban Poetry in Riga 2015, Movement Research A.I.R in NY 2012, and so on.


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