Creative Dance Class for Children [FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality]

Creative Dance Class for Children [FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality]
led by Nelly Hakkarainen & Wooguru Kw

1- Description of the Creative Dance Class for Children
The human body is to sustain itself spontaneously with its continual movements for the natural development of its physical characteristics and inherent peculiarities, in which to distinguish itself from the others. This continuation of physical movements initiates the growth process toward the actualization of the potentialities within the individual body. Thereby, promoting the spontaneous and volitional movements for addressing individual requirements in the social context is the emphasis of the creative dance class for children, established upon the biomechanics of the human body.

2 – Subjects designed regarding the order of the growth process from physical to cognitive abilities
1- Animal locomotion for the improvement of motor skill and overall physicality
2- Physical interpretation of the stimulatory sound and music
3- Creating one’s moves with various imaginary instruments
4- Playing creative and inclusive games in promoting sociability

3 – FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality is the new physical/ training method focused on biomechanics for the attainment of the total freedom of the individual body and its integrity. Its educational project has been conducted in Latvia, Lithuania, and South Korea since 2016, and also has been presented at the GTF symposium 2018 [German Association for Dance Science] at Karlsruhe tech institute in Germany, the colloquium 2017 of the research base of the Buddhist thought at Wonkwang Univ. in South Korea, and the seminar 2017 of the Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation at Vilnius Univ. in Lithuania.

4 – Brief introduction of the conductors
Nelly Hakkarainen is a dancer, a choreographer, and a dance educator. She has been working in the dance education field since 2012 and also has established her career as a dancer and choreographer in Berlin, Germany in collaboration with a variety of international dance productions. She is a certified Pilates trainer and currently studies in the faculty of art research at the University of Helsinki.
Wooguru Kw is a dancer, a choreographer, and a movement analyst, developing the new physical education/ training method called “FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality” which is named after his authentic style of dancing. His dance works and educational project have been performed and conducted in various countries. Currently, he is based in Helsinki, Finland and focuses on writing a book regarding his educational method.

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