3.The Bio of Wooguru Kw & Contact Info.

Wooguru Kw is a choreographer developing a new physical education/ dance teaching method named after his unique style <FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality> for the actualization of the total freedom of the individual body and its integrity. Biomechanics and physiology are used to answer the basic questions: why do humans dance, and so what is the dance?

(1)Presentations combined with physical workshops in academic institutions
GTF symposium 2018: German Association for Dance Science at Karlsruhe Tech Institute
Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation 2018 at Vilnius University
Philosophy Colloquium of the Research Institute of Won Buddhist Thought 2017 at Wonkwang University in S.Korea

(2)Educational Projects accompanied by dance showcases & Dance Classes
BAU INSTITUTE for children and adolescents in S.Korea, 2019
Nytke Festival for experienced dancers and open level in Tampere, Finland, 2019
Zagare Cultural Center for children and adolescents in Lithuania, 2019
Parents’ association for the alternative education of the young children in S.Korea, 2019
Kaunas Artists’ house for professionally trained dancers in Lithuania, 2018
ERASMUS summer program for theater students in Germany & Lithuania, 2017
Seoul Dance Center for professionally trained dancers in S.Korea, 2016-2017
Urban Restoration Project for local artists for all disciplines in S.Korea, 2017
FREE FLOW Residency for dancers and artists in Latvia, 2016
FREE FLOW Project for musicians and local artists in Norway, 2016
NONDA Berlin for visual artists in Germany, 2016
FREE FLOW Project for dancers, artists for all disciplines in Latvia, Lithuania, 2016, and so on

(3)Dance Performances for the FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality
Nytke Dance Festival in Tampere, Finland, 2019
Moving Poets Berlin – Charlotte (US) 2013-2015 with Till Schmidt Rimpler (a former principal at the Dutch National Opera & the North Carolina Theater) in Berlin, Germany/ Charlotte NC, the USA
Tanztage Berlin 2014 in Berlin, Germany
Urban Poetry 2015 in Riga, Latvia
Spazio_Verdecoprente Festival in Teverina, Italy, 2014, and so

: Contact

wooguru@gmail.com     |     contact@freeflowmethod.com

+358 40 827 1970

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